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I am an experienced sports and training injury specialist Physiotherapist. I have worked with sports teams and with the Military for 12 years.

I do a lot of training myself and use yoga to keep balance in my body and mind. The body just feels better when it does a couple of yoga classes a week! 

I have practiced yoga for many years and experienced a large variety of yoga in the UK and international locations. Experiencing great yoga was what drove me to complete my yoga teacher training course with internationally recognised Yoga London, so I would always have a class I would like to do and could bring the style of yoga I enjoy to others. I have been teaching yoga for many years and am a Yoga Alliance certified and insured teacher.


Expect my classes to be strong, playful and flowing. I attack class choreography with a Physio mind, ensuring that joints and opposing muscles are worked evenly and building flows for fun and injury prevention. After working the body, my classes always allow time for the mind to be still and savasana, yeay!


I have completed a Masters in manual therapy and my dissertation was about the use of yoga for musculoskeletal conditions. I have read a lot of research on mindfulness and yoga, so also expect my classes to be based on current research!

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