Yoga for Medical Conditions

Face to face and online medical yoga courses specifically designed for people with certain medical conditions. Why not discuss this with your GP, physiotherapist or contact me to see if you would benefit.

Yoga is a holistic practice originating in ancient India. It encompasses; a physical practice and poses; breath work; and relaxation skills, including mindfulness. 

Research has shown that yoga is a relevant and effective treatment option for musculoskeletal, some chronic medical diseases and some mental health conditions and is recommended in a number of national medical guidelines and by the NHS. Yoga can help with many medical symptoms including; pain, stiffness, poor range of movement, reduced strength, flexibility, walking, stress, high blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety and depression.


What to Expect

The yoga for medical conditions classes run weekly. Classes progress each week, giving time to learn and settle into a gentle practice. Each class is based on current evidence from medical research. In each class there will be time for questions, breath work, warm up, physical poses and mindful relaxation.