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Private / Team / Corporate Classes

I also teach private classes and small groups or larger groups such as sports teams and corporate groups.


This gives you a personalised session, and when groups are smaller, more time for individual adjustments and a class specific to your needs.


Prior to the session a class is designed suited to your level and objectives.


With my experience and skills, this approach gives:

             - beginners time to grasp the alignment of common postures

             - advanced students time to focus on specific areas or postures they would like to master

             - athletes the opportunity to develop a prescribed sequence for injury prevention,                          prehabilitation or general conditioning                                              

             - those with injuries, stress or anxiety, the time to develop specific yoga skills to help                    overcome their symptoms



As an experienced physiotherapist specialising in musculoskeletal, sports and training injuries, I have a wealth of experience treating sportsmen and women. My style of yoga is perfect for athletes needing to develop core strength, stability and flexibility. I have a special interest in using yoga to assist in the prevention of and recovery from injury. I have also used yoga to treat people with anxiety and chronic pain.


Although yoga is being seen by many professional sports teams as an important adjunct to their training cycle, it is not yet commonplace. If you would like to discuss how I can help your team I would love to hear from you.





Healthy team building? Regular sessions to improve focus and creativity? 

I can create a yoga session focusing on your objectives, maybe where the emphasis is on partner work, or for calming and stress relief. 

Yoga can be great fun and is fantastic for the body and mind.

Please contact me to discuss how I can help.

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